November 26, 2007
When I was in 3rd grade, I remember going on a field trip to the De Young Museum in San Francisco Golden Gate Park to see an exhibit of Monet paintings. After viewing the work, my class had a picnic outside, where we ate cheese and other "French" foods. Since this was a field trip, the parents would tag along. My mom came and bought a t-shirt at the gift shop. I still have that shirt, it's huge now and a little faded, but I use it as a night shirt. I remember wearing a red hat and purple jacket. This was also when girls would wear dresses, hah. But it was fun. So now whenever I see real Monet paintings, I get this twinge of excitement and remember back to when I first saw them. I sometimes wonder if I saw some of the same paintings at the D'Orsay in Paris, as I did in San Francisco. That'd be weird.