November 24, 2007
I was looking for my old blogs, I have two old ones on, and I had posted several quotes I had collected when I was a freshmen at college, here we go: "Did you see Courtney's sperm?" "It's like going from taking an asprin, to stabbing yourself." "It's like ParisHilton-hotness. But you need to make it hotter." "So, it's "kick-ass". Does that help you Elizabeth?" "In the laughing cow, there's a picture of that same cow in the earrings, and in the earrings, there's that picture of that same cow, and in the earrings..." "Ahhh, it's the Satanic Cow!!" "Oh my gouache." "Let's go party with my half-inch pinewood." "I might just be a dirty old man..." "When men become old and senile, they're prone to bad puns." "I couldn't see her, but I SMELL her." "Let's begin with a rousing rollcall..." "You all look so pretty today! I must have my pretty-eyes on!" "I have achieved poo."