November 23, 2007
And now so today is supposed to be Black Friday, where everyone will go spend their money money money b/c there are lots of sales, some stores even opened at 4 am. Ugh. My family has never been one of those types of people, so I would never consider joining the crowds. I need time when I'm shopping for someone and I need to have a specific idea on what to buy for someone, either a price range, size, or what type of gift it is. When I was younger, I used to buy a few things for one person if it was their birthday. When I got to high school and had several friends, about 6 or 7...I never had had so many friends like that before...I've always only had a few friends. I only had 3 friends in elementary school. But in high school, I would get everyone the same thing for Xmas, so I'd usually buy something that came in a pack, such as candy or candles, so everyone got the same item, same size and price.