November 22, 2007
Argh, it's actually Sunday even though this is an entry for a Thursday, but I've been lazy and haven't written an entry everyday. Now I need to make it up. I will eventually have enough for a project though. Okay, so this entry was supposed to be written on Thanksgiving Day, so that's the theme. Uh, I'm thankful for my family and my friends, being able to go to school, people who have helped me, I'm thankful for some of my teachers who have pushed me to become better with my work (though I'll complain and whine silently), I'm thankful for my car who hardly has any problems, and I'm thankful for my boyfriend who is so understanding, patient, loving, and is able to put up with me even at my worst. He is the best boyfriend ever and I couldn't ask for anyone else. That sounded cheesy, well it sounded cheesy to me, but it's true.