November 20, 2007
I think it's funny how Yahoo! news posted a story about how there's this camp in South Korea for kids (from Korea) who are addicted to internet games. They're talking about it, but they don't seem to ever suggest that this may have occured in America already. I know there are people who there who live in front of their computer, and may only venture out into reality for a CosPlay or whatever things happen at Convention Center. I mean, you've got everything there on the computer now, you can even order meals ahead of time thru the internet...though you still need to hop into the car and drive and pick up the stuff. I bet that'll change eventually. And if you get lonely, you can chat on random chatrooms or get lucky on a porn site. I wonder if those kinds of people get alot of e-mail, b/c I realized if I keep checking my e-mail every few hours, I don't seem to get much. Hmm, I need to NOT check and let the mail pile up, then I can say I get alot of e-mails.