November 19, 2007
Celebrities who I think are awesome/hot/funny/intelligent: Anthony Bourdain (the host of No Reservations on the Travel channel, a chef and writer...his humor is dark but I love it), Bill Bryson (another writer whose humor I find hilarious to read), Ioan Gruffudd (he's Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four, but I watched him on A&E's miniseries Horatio Hornblower, he was hot he's old and married), Jeff Corwin (that OTHER guy who has an animal show on Animal Planet, he's funny and makes me want to watch his show), Ewan McGregor (this one is plain obvious, guy from Scotland, who sings, takes on interesting roles in films, and rides a motorcycle for fun and isn't afraid of giving to charity...I think he and his wife just also adopted a kid from Africa), Colin Firth (aw he was good in Pride&Prejudice, as well as Girl with the Pearl Earring)...I can't think of anyone else right now...but notice how majority of these men are not from America.