November 18, 2007
Going home in a few days, back to Palo Alto. I like coming home because I get to see what has changed and what hasn't. Yea sometimes it's disappointing if someone disappears and no one told you. Now I see on TV that elephants can swim. That's awesome, so they're large and yet they can float in the water. I wonder how long they can swim for though, they must get tired. Well that makes sense since dolphins came from land animals, so maybe they came from something that swam. Okay now I'm just grabbing for whatever I can to fill in this entry. That's bad, I thought I was trying to follow a project. Maybe I've been typing too much, I thought I was typing 100 words but maybe I'm not, or I am. I don't know. I just fill this window up with text to the end of the box. I can just keep typing and typing.