November 17, 2007
There are several animals I want to be if the reincarnation thingy is true: Dolphins are awesome b/c they can fight off sharks, plus they get to swim all day. Sloths are cute looking, they hang around...literally...all day, and only climb down very slowly to poo/pee or mate. Manatees are kind of like dolphins and sloths combined, b/c they're slow but they swim. Plus their eyes look cute. Parrots are fun b/c they're colorful and social. Dogs, well obviously everyone wants to be a dog. Tigers are beautiful and though they're not quite graceful, they seem to know that they look beautiful. Giraffe would be cool b/c they don't have much enemies, they just eat all day, have those long necks...hooves. I guess being a starfish wouldn't be so bad, except they can't move that fast. Horses would be fun, they're social...except I'd want to be a wild horse.