November 16, 2007
I sometimes feel like I have an itch inside my head, or near the back of my mouth, but I can't reach it b/c if I try to scratch the back of my mouth, I will make myself gag. Plus no one can scratch the inside of their head w/out doing surgery. Ew. It's almost like when you're driving and you have an itch on the bottom of your right foot, but you don't scratch it b/c you're pushing down on the brake, or the pedal. And it always happens when you're concentrated on driving or on the highway when everyone's going fast. Or when you become aware of one itch and then you scratch it, another itch will pop up right after. Itches are weird. It's not even really an itch, it's an irritation and usually it's b/c of the clothing material or tightness of the clothing. But then what about itches on the top of your head? Is that from lice or head mites or something?