November 15, 2007
I'm not sure if I've written about this, but I usually don't think much about my death anyways. It is a grim thought, yes, and so I sometimes don't want to consider that I am mortal and fragile, and I'd like to believe I have some sort of guardian angel looking out for me from above, preferably my dog or something. But when I go, I want to go fast and painless, obviously I'd like to die in my sleep, even if I had to die before the age of 50, at least be in my sleep. If I can't die in my sleep, then I'd like to die with everyone I've loved around me. I guess that would mean I'd have to be sick or something, but not necessarily so. Is that being selfish? Can one have a selfish death? I know there are selfless deaths. Well this thought came up for me because I watched this animation that was narrated by someone who was explaining how they wanted to die. The animation was beautiful and the narrator died of cancer in the end, but she choose to end her treatment, so she was able to die with her loved ones around her.