November 14, 2007
Now that I'm older and I haven't been to Maui for a couple years now, I've begun to look at the island in a critical light, I don't want to though. My family used to vacation there alot ever since I was 5. We would go every summer for a week, my brother and I still went with my dad when my parents got a divorce b/c my dad still owned the timeshare we had. It became harder though to go with my dad and my brother b/c the trip became a big habituable journey, where we ate at the same restaurants and did the same things every time just b/c. My brother wasn't really into going, he'd always say, "We do the samething every time". I always loved going to Maui though, from the long plane ride, to arriving at the airport, enjoying the tropical breeze, sun, sunburns, lying on the sand, swimming in the ocean, lying on my boogie board, watching the islands around me, watching people around me...