November 13, 2007
This is supposed to be my space to type whatever I want to, and just when I sign in, I still don't feel quite free. Maybe it's b/c of this blue line that makes up the space of the text box, or b/c I have to write 100 words EXACTLY. I sometimes think, "oh I should write this for an entry!" and then forget all about it. If I forget about an idea, then I believe it wasn't meant to be used. If I have an idea and I constantly think about it, imagining it in my head, then I'll want to use it b/c that means something. Even if the idea turns out to be dud, or it doesn't look as great as I thought it would be. It's hot out right now, but it's the middle of November, so when I go home, it'll be freezing and rainy. And then my skin will dry up. I think my skin absorbed so much crap from the LA air, that it freaks out when I up north b/c the air is much more...virginal....there. Well it is.