November 12, 2007
Now why did I begin that last entry about my friend Shelly? Oh yea, well a few years after high school, she moved to Arizona b/c her dad was retiring from his work. Sometimes I wish I was like her b/c she has a learning disability. It wasn't so evident when I first met her b/c we were still immature, but as we grew older, it became more apparent. She's always been a few years behind me in terms of maturity, but she's almost a year older than me. Well sometimes I wish I was her b/c she looks at life with simple mind, sure she's suspicious of strangers and she even freaked out in a bookstore once b/c someone grabbed her arm and thought they knew her. But all she cares about right now is her homework for her community college courses, her crush on this guy from her old church back in CA, and her events with the young people at her church. Life is simple for her, she lives with her parents, she's afraid to drive...