November 11, 2007
I sometimes wish I was like my friend Shelly. I met her in 8th grade, we were in the same homeroom class, plus we had a few friends who knew each other. I used to borrow her colored pencils alot b/c homeroom was always boring, but we had to meet every Wed after lunch. I have no idea why they made us do homeroom. That's where we had to meet before 8th grade graduation, just to make sure all the kids were there I guess, plus we'd be paraded out for that event. Weird now that I think about it. Pointless too. Graduating from 8th grade, big deal. You're still a teenager, but now your hormones are raging even more, but you still can't drive for 2 years, and when you enter high school, you'll be the little kids again b/c you're in the youngest grade. I thought all the seniors looked so big and mature. Then when I was a senior, the freshmen looked like little kids.