November 10, 2007
I wish I had a more active social life, where friends invited me places and people had parties. I don't necessarily mean parties where people get drunk, but where there's dancing or a reason to get dressed up. I guess I'm just old-fashioned. I get lonely just doing my homework all the time, but I guess since everyone either has so much work, has their own set of friends outside school, or has actual work during their free times, it's harder for us to be "friends." Maybe I don't fit in with them. Will I ever fit in? Am I just too awkward? Too quiet? My co-workers in the tutoring cenetr think I'm too quiet, they even nicknamed me the "quiet tutor"...well, I'm just professional that's all. Maybe I take myself too seriously or something...but I figure if kids are coming in to be tutored, why do I have to be loud? What is the opposite of quiet?