November 9, 2007
Why is everyone ragging on me since I wrote 46 pages for my thesis? Yea, that's alot of pages, but when I get into writing and typing, I tend to get carried away. I may end up editing some stuff out anyways. Plus, I have photos inside the text, so there's probably 4 or 5 pages worth of just images of my work. I also have a few images of other peoples work. Yes, I worked hard on it, I worked so hard that I neglected my other work, so then I had to spend the following week working on my studio work, where then I neglected my poetry for my capstone, so then I had to quickly bust my ass to get something done for that. This semester has been weird for time management because all my teachers are expecting everything to be done on time. Oh, it'll get done, but I won't have fun doing it. They don't even seem to care that I need to somehow find work after Otis...