November 8, 2007
I am debating whether I should send Xmas cards to my friends. I like giving gifts/cards to people, but then I get disappointed if no one sends me a card (a physical card, not one thru an e-mail). When I do send cards, all I get is a thank you message thru myspace or facebook, along with the words explaining how "we should get together sometime". They also tell me it's sweet. Well I want my friends to know that I'm thinking about them, not constantly in a weird way, but that I am reminded of them at certain times. Am I only one this way? Am I just lonely? Plus since it costs more now to send mail, 41 freakin' cents. And also I won't really know what address to mail them to. Since most of my friends live either on a college campus/apartment, I'm not sure if they're be at their school during the holidays or back home. I think what I did last time was send it to their school address, so even if they go away for a while, they have a little present waiting for them when they return. I'd like that.