November 7, 2007
At this same house that I lived in while my parents were married, when we had first moved in (I was 4 at the time, my brother was 2), there was only a front lawn and concrete. There was a house of course, but there was no grass in the backyard, only a big tree that grew kumquats. I know what the area looked like b/c my parents took photos (that was smart). So my dad decided to put in grass himself, along with many bushes, those small trees that had white bark that peeled and grew bigger over time, as well as flowers and rocks. I remember spending lots of time looking at the plants and picking the flowers. I'd play the flowers, turning a poppy upside down to pretend that the stem was a body and the petals were a dress...these flowers became little ballerinas. I also used to find caterpillars, I'd pick them up and make them crawl over various things, finding out what they were capable of. One time, I left one in a spider's web to see what would happen. Yea.