November 6, 2007
So when I was little and my parents were married, my family lived on this called St. Claire Dr. It was a nice small street, and most of the houses were old and either contained old people, people whose children grew up and were now successfully living on their own, families with children, and families with babies (this is different than children b/c children implies that they go to school during the day). Behind this street however, there was this giant field of dead grass, cracked earth, and those prickly bushes. This field belonged to a church that was also behind this street. My brother and I, along with some of the other kids on the street, used to go to the field to run around and explore. Sometimes were found lots of big spider webs, and one time we found dozens of ladybugs in the bushes. It was awesome, we caught a bunch in jars. But my mom made my brother and I set them free, b/c this was "cruel".