November 4, 2007
The time went backward last nite, which is good I guess b/c I got an extra hour of sleep, even though I woke up at 8 am, which would really be 9 am if the time hadn't changed. I went to sleep at 12:50, which would really be 1:50 if the time hadn't changed. I got 7 hours of sleep I think. I remember one time when the time had changed, but I wasn't sure which direction it went in, so I got up and found out it was earlier than I wanted it to be. I think we had fell backward then...but no one had told my roommate, so she was all confused. My roommate just woke up now, so it's 10:32, but if the time hadn't changed, she'd be waking up at 11:32. I don't know what time she went to bed though b/c I was asleep before she even came home. I guess I was so tired b/c I didn't even hear her.