November 3, 2007
So yea I stopped writing in my xanga once I got to college, since no one was hardly using theirs, plus I figured no one was reading mine anymore. I think some people were reading my xanga, people who know me in real life I mean, but they never commented or talked back. It's the equivalent of having a real conversation with someone but they're not replying. But I guess that's the beauty of a blog, you don't HAVE to talk back really, no one is forcing you, so if you're shy, it's okay. Well since I am shy, I would talk back however, since type can hide your face and tone of voice. I knew some of my friends were reading my entries when I began college, since when I'd later actually speak to them, they would know what's going on with me from the there'd be no reason to talk to me about my school. Yea, that was the downside.