November 2, 2007
Should I return to October and fill in the days I didn't write? Maybe I should be writing stuff for the days ON the day that I didn't write, but then that would sound like a blog or LiveJournal. I do have a blog but I hardly leave anything in it, only because I don't know if anyone is reading it. I used to blog a lot in high school, on, seemed like the thing to do, this was before myspace became really popular of course. But I would write in the xanga almost everyday, it still exists, I kept my account in case I ever want the entries. I've used them for a painting...I like looking back at them because they make me sound silly and immature, but that's what I was. I also have private entries that no one can see. Also, in the beginning, I wrote really long entries, with multiple paragraphs and such. I even posted photos. And then there were those entries with survey questions. I wonder if anyone would read those ones.