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March 10th, 2010
Sometimes when I was a kid I had nothing better to do than to sit on the living room rug and watch TV with my Mom.

She really liked Thirtysomething, which I considered the most bullshit show ever, since it seemed mostly to concern angsty suburban couples arguing about the grocery budget. Didn't we get enough of that at home?

Thirtysomething is now available on Netflix. Should I watch it for some sort of weird childhood nostalgia?

No. Wargames is also available, with its message that Ally Sheedy (swoon!) is into dudes who like computers. Fantasy trumps reality yet again.

May 26th, 2005


Pastel Purple is sunning himself beneath the lamp on my side table. Like a puppy left free to run the house, he was delirious this morning, dispersing shoes evenly throughout the house, tipping the trash and proudly dragging out smelly table scraps, and leaving muddy prints on the tan carpet. He's resting now. His smudges are on the telephone receiver, my computer, and the table itself. Sighing, he rolls over onto his back letting the lamp warm his belly. I've got to round that boy up and pull another Pastel soon. I will watch the next one more closely.

May 23rd, 2001
The headache is because of a root canal from a few years ago that was botched, their is still a nub of root that is infected and the pressure is driving up through my temple and into the back of my skull, blinding and nauseating. All I want to do is close my eyes and sleep, where I hope that I will be beyond the reach of the pain, which is making me sweat as I type, my eyes barely open enough to read what I'm typing. I try not to move my head too much as I type fuzzily.