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May 1st, 2010

We were walking through a field today, when a cloud of sickly sweet perfume hit us in the face. Except;

1. There were no people around
2. The vegetation showed no signs of having been disturbed by energetic lovers

As wed just been commenting on how the nice countryside smell of manure, this sudden change stuck us as strange, and so we spent the next fifteen minutes trying to determine what the smell was.
The fence smelt pleasant, like steam trains, the stream smelt of decay, the vegetation smelt vegetation-y.

Thus, it remained the mystery of the field behind Radwinter church.

May 1st, 2007
Im still here.

Its been over five years.


New York is basking in an early summer warmwave. The skies are blue and empty, and the sun glances bright and low off the concrete angles and glass facades. Sharp-edged shadows stripe the sidewalks and lane-sharking yellow cabs shimmer in the glare. Central Park is becoming verdant and lush. Last Sunday the neighbourhood kids opened the first fire hydrant of spring. The exchange rate remains at around 2.00 and I am still paid in sterling. My homeland is a foreign country now. Leaving New York will feel like exile.

June 30th, 2001
Another month gone, another 3000 beautiful words to sow that I cna't spell, and the hundred plus thousand dollars my sucker parents spent on my education for me to be a secratary were a total waste, but more important I think is to think of the people we have lost along the way, Roy, Tony, Elana, Jen, and the people joining: Kim and Ben. It has been an fun expeience, and a tough one to crank out a quantity especially with the horrible inappropriate crap Matt is playing while I'm trying to write this. Compleatly killing the mood, God Damm.