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Featured Entries
October 1st, 2010
Half of me is sick of this. I want to shrug off this suffocating mood and march back into the sunlight.

The other half? The other half wants to rip me into dripping shreds, to smear my blood on the walls and let it pool on the bathroom floor. I want to shatter my bones, grind them to dust, toss them from the window, and laugh when the wind throws them back in my eyes.

I want to beat myself senseless against you--send us both to hell. But you don't believe in that, so I'll meet you in oblivion.

June 23rd, 2009
Iíve learned not to get my hopes up about seeing this guy. The first time I met him, I wasnít expecting him at all. And when we were supposed to hang out together again, and I wanted him to be there, he didnít show up. So when my friend says everyone is hanging out this Saturdayó which means he may possibly be thereó Iím trying to think to myself not to worry about if heíll be there or not, what Iíll wear, what Iíll say, or if I should bring my gum and lip gloss.

Iím really trying.
And failing.

May 1st, 2010

We were walking through a field today, when a cloud of sickly sweet perfume hit us in the face. Except;

1. There were no people around
2. The vegetation showed no signs of having been disturbed by energetic lovers

As weíd just been commenting on how the nice countryside smell of manure, this sudden change stuck us as strange, and so we spent the next fifteen minutes trying to determine what the smell was.
The fence smelt pleasant, like steam trains, the stream smelt of decay, the vegetation smelt vegetation-y.†

Thus, it remained the mystery of the field behind Radwinter church.