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Featured Entries
April 20th, 2010

Farrah: Her red bathing suit set the standard. There were other poster queens: Cheryl Tiegs and her "I didn’t know it was see-through" fishnet, and the platinum doll Loni. But Farrah ruled the roost, with that glorious smile and tousled golden tresses, allegedly spelling out the word she undoubtedly conjured in the minds of millions of young boys. She was beautiful, plump, and glistening – a melange of sex and beauty, tinged with a childlike sweetness and subtle grace. Forty years later, she still set the standard for grace and beauty, and when she died, I was doubly sad.

October 29th, 2009

I play chess. Not because I enjoy it (I do, yes, I'm a nerd) but because it reduces the chances of me contracting Alzheimer's disease. 

I play sport. Not because I enjoy it (I don't) but because I want to able to die in my bed, rather than due to a heart attack.

I work hard. Not because I enjoy it (soical expectations make me) but because I want to be able to provide for myself and my family in the furture.

Why am I taking life so seriously? What happend to my childhood? Why do I care about caring?  

January 26th, 2007
My sister and I had a game called ‘The Man’ – we played it down our long, dim hallway in our childhood home. The living room was huge and dark when there was nobody in it, and we’d sneak towards it down that lengthening hall, hearts thumping with anticipation. When we reached the black oblong of the door one of us, and we wouldn’t know who until it happened, would shout “The Man!” and we’d race back down the hallway in a giggling flurry of real, primal fear, and wouldn’t be able to enter the hallway again for a long time.