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September 11th, 2012
A shooting star.

Something wonderful that the universe was capable of creating. It has fallen for some reason, becoming such a lovely view of an end. You'll see it for a while and miss it forever.

They ought to fall for you. As it plunges deep, down the darkest night, with it are your heart's desires. Those wishes you made in an instant. May it be to be love or to have, to find or to be found.

The wishing never stops. Even after every star has fallen from the sky. Wait for another night.

March 25th, 2007
“They never put expiration dates on hot sauce.” She said.

He shrugged, “That’s because hot sauce never expires.”

“But it has to.”

“No.” he examined a green bottle “It’s mostly vinegar.”

“I don’t believe you. I’m throwing these old bottles out. We’ve had them for, like, four years.” She pulled two bottles from the fridge door.

“Throw them out? Aren’t you going to recycle them?”

“No.” She hovered over the garbage.

“But they’ll go to the landfill.”

She smirked, “but washing them out will waste and pollute water.”

“But we can recycle the glass.”

“Either way we kill the earth.”

June 17th, 2004
angry red lines the only evidence of your presence making me remember every second, every touch every whisper wishing like hell I had been on that plane with you frantically searching for ways to get to you sooner plotting and planning waiting for the rest of my life to begin feeling that ache where you were inside me that sweet, stinging ache and wishing you were here to kiss it I need your touch baby I don't know how to live without it anymore I don't know how to get through every day knowing I could have nights like that