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April 1st, 2010

The Love Story of the Day

April brings Spring, and Spring brings thoughts of fancy.  That means 30 days of love stories are clearly in order.  A different love of my life every day -- well, until I run out, then I recycle.

Some will be life-changing and heartfelt stories of love and loss, while others are just silly tales of longing and regret. Some casual crushes, some random celebrity adorations, and of course, some repeat offenders, for those select few who just wouldn't go away.

No names are changed, because no one is innocent.

Let's begin.

March 20th, 2010
The difference between sleazy dressing and sexy suggestive dressing is how much a woman reveals. If you are showing off some cleavage, wear something more demure below. If you are going to knock them flat with your legs, keep your neckline more modest. Baring your midriff requires balance and discretion. Stretchy, formfitting clothing is another area where the line can be easily crossed. It is possible to break the rules and still carry it off, but only if you are sensitive to very refined nuances. You have to make the men wish they could touch you, but know they cannot.

March 3rd, 2007
So Paul & I were watching a news bulletin about people who have fat dogs. And the presenter says there’s a new product coming out that could help. I listen and then say, with what I believe to be the appropriate level of scorn, “I don’t see people who let their dogs get fat buying swimming pools, do you?!” Paul turns to me and says, “Slimming pills, SLIMMING PILLS!” And then we laugh so hard our stomachs hurt and we even let out a few farts. “But that’s even worse,” I say eventually. “The swimming pools make much better sense.”