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October 9th, 2012
I fought the e-readers as long as possible. I will soon bring a tablet home. I failed to withstand the pressures to move forward along with society's technology. I betray what I preached. I stood for pages, the turning of books, the weight of hardcovers. And now I stand for modern convenience, economical purchases, and quantity over quality. But alas, I don't buy books anymore. And my library fees burn pocket holes since I lack spare time. And I have nothing to read in the john, the few minutes that I get to replenish. I'm sorry, rich history. Goodbye.

June 23rd, 2010
Today, new tires for the car. I am reminded of a friend that told me the woman he was dating loved the smell of new tires as a potent aphrodisiac. He also said he accommodated her by keeping a fresh tire in the bedroom which her willing olfactory nerves would absorb to set the mood.

It's easy when you can shop openly for something to spice up a relationship like that. I'm sure it could get more problematic later on, when she insists he dresses up as the Michelin Man to keep up the energy and excitement.

Roadside service indeed.

March 3rd, 2008
i like being treated as one of the guys. they like me for who i am, they can be themselves around me and not have to act gentlemanly. i like the feeling that no one can harm me when i'm with them.

being one of the guys has downsides too. i get to see all their disgusting habits because they don't try to hide anything from me. and i can't understand why other girls are going gaga over them.

sometimes though, it won't hurt to be treated like the girl i really am. and one guy does it just right. :)