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April 1st, 2010

The Love Story of the Day

April brings Spring, and Spring brings thoughts of fancy.  That means 30 days of love stories are clearly in order.  A different love of my life every day -- well, until I run out, then I recycle.

Some will be life-changing and heartfelt stories of love and loss, while others are just silly tales of longing and regret. Some casual crushes, some random celebrity adorations, and of course, some repeat offenders, for those select few who just wouldn't go away.

No names are changed, because no one is innocent.

Let's begin.

November 11th, 2002
I have a new career idea. My/our fantasy seems to be growing quite considerably recently. We are going to move to Canada and live in a wooden house with a rocking chair and a sauna. We are going to have a dog called Pork Chop and a pig called Hot Dog. Carl is going to make impact craters vibrate very seismically or something and get paid for it. And I am going to become a world famous playwright, obviously. Maybe do my Masters in my spare time. Now, we're going to open a Peruvian restaurant too. I can cook tamales!

February 10th, 2007
100 words starting with few beers washed down with a few of something else…and now 4 am is here and it feels like it’s been a long time coming. Somehow I feel one hundred words may be hard to find, as I desperately try to stop myself dreaming of being warm in bed. My hands feel cold and I have to squint to see the picture on the screen. A hysterical sister lies behind me. She exits. “I can’t stay with you,” she’s cracking up. Maybe we all are slowly. Or maybe I just have one hundred words to fill.