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June 24th, 2009
The cell phone rules, I discovered when Krishna went back to school yesterday evening, for the inauguration ceremony of the cricket camp. The function ended at 8pm, almost an hour late and the school bus drivers were not there when it ended. So the children waited and it was almost 9pm when the bus dropped him off a stop ahead. He called his father who was already waiting for him at the destined stop. All these developments were known to us as I had sent the cell phone with my son. It was very useful and the stress was minimal.

November 9th, 2007
I treated myself to my very first birthday holiday. As a kid, I never liked missing school. Even when I was in college, I almost never used my free cuts. So when my boss (the one who likes me) told me I could take the day off, I took the offer. It felt good to not do anything at all. I only left my room to eat and to get a hair cut. I have finally gotten my birthday out of my system and I can go back to not sulking and to living my life. Iím twenty-five years old.

April 16th, 2007
"Long distance relationships are hard" she said, as the reality set in, but I felt good, refreshed as I drove home. I sat confidently in the driver seat, ready to take on whatever emotion was fed to me, enjoying once again the palm trees and sunshine. Tonight, I collapsed as one beer turned into another, and another. I listened to all the songs in my library on full blast almost two hours before I succombed to sleep. ** Today, work was a bitch. The calls were drowning me more and more and everyone kept asking me where I've been. Messed up.