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March 11th, 2007
on significant things, I pick my words very, very carefully. the tenses, the phrasing and phrases, the open roads of the future. I say exactly what I wish to say, with all the right implications I mean to include within the words I choose. my connotations are nearly always intentional, or at the very least I am aware of them and have allowed them to remain. I write essays with a single line. so read me, I dare you to. you'll have the key, and there are things to be read into. read the clues I have left for you.

March 3rd, 2007
So Paul & I were watching a news bulletin about people who have fat dogs. And the presenter says there’s a new product coming out that could help. I listen and then say, with what I believe to be the appropriate level of scorn, “I don’t see people who let their dogs get fat buying swimming pools, do you?!” Paul turns to me and says, “Slimming pills, SLIMMING PILLS!” And then we laugh so hard our stomachs hurt and we even let out a few farts. “But that’s even worse,” I say eventually. “The swimming pools make much better sense.”

February 3rd, 2007
I'm a mild case of a wikipediac. Yes, I've just coined the term, but it seems quite appropriate. A wikipediac is basically a Wikipedia junkie who falls for all these links and ends up reading about subjects completely removed from the original query. I can go without Wikipedia for days, but when I start browsing you could make a scarf if you put next to one another all the tabs I have open in my browser.
Thinking about it makes me wonder why no one gets so hooked on paper encyclopaedias. Is it because accessing the links is more cumbersome?