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June 18th, 2010
Another lunch at semi-healthy fast food restaurant Rubio's. It's overpriced with a meal of 2 tacos, rice and chips at $7.10.

And that's without a drink. I'm using a trick a friend taught me, which is to ask for the water cup but hit the 'Soda' water tab on the soft drink dispenser. Slightly unethical. The resulting beverage lies somewhere between water-with-bubbles and a soft drink without the syrup.

Another fun battle to witness is young kids trying to fill their cups with highly caffeine soda, whereas the moms are steering them for Sprint and lemonade.

July 6th, 2008
I'm beginning to see that I truly am a hermit in the city. I dodge through the streets when I'm needed to go out on them, I loathe having to sit next to anyone on the subway, I turn away from stores and cafés if they are too crowded, and I very rarely go to clubs anymore. Even going out for cocktails with my partner in crime is becoming somewhat stressing for me, and I keep trying to get us to sit in a solitary corner, away from all the noise and sweaty palms. How deeply I value my loneliness.

February 14th, 2007
Having a gynecological problem seems to be a good way to get attention from your spouse. Especially if he is a doctor and is normally unaffected by your aches and pains. But this makes him slightly uneasy. If a doctor can get stirred; then its no wonder that most women milk the situation for all they are worth. When else can you lie in bed in mid morning? And not cook. Or reheat something with a martyred air with just the faintest of moans allowed to escape your lips. And get that little feedback. After 25 years that’s a feat.