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August 28th, 2012
What a sheltered life we live. Today was one of those days when work helped me see a reality that is often hidden from me and my circle of friends.

I met young people, as young as 16, who come from troubled backgrounds and recently benefited from courses that essentially taught them what my parents passed on to me  - basic life skills. They had to be taught how to speak politely.

They were given a certificate for this.

It was heart-warming to see how satisfied they looked as they walked up to the minister to collect the certificate.

April 9th, 2010

I wish book reviews came with recommendations of music to accompany the books. This occurred to me whilst reading Steve Toltz’s ‘A Fraction of the Whole’, and listening to The Smiths (as usual), and they went exceptionally well together. I feel that, unless this has been done already, there is a gap in the market for this, which potentially could make millions. Or at least a few quid. I would make a blog, only my musical tastes are no way broad enough for this immense challenge. Also, I am lazy, and use lack of time as an excuse to myself.

May 1st, 2008
What's with being a girl that the society since from ancient times have decided that we should be demure and hygienic. And if we didn't conform to their expectations, they will instantly judged us like we've done something so wrong or at times, disgusting.

Today I became completely conscious of my feet when my boyfriend commented about it. Okay it was dirty, so what's the big deal? I haven't attended into it since I have no time and the luxury of having a foot spa.

His feet were dirty too but he was a boy. and I am a girl.