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December 27th, 2009
I am happiest when the environment I live in is tidy.† I prefer a clean desk and I like to come home to a living room that is fairly clean.† Iím prepared to do some ongoing work to keep things looking that way, but cleanup is a real bitch when things stack up over time, and I resent being the only one to do more than wash dishes and take out the trash.† Iím trying to not cause a scene but is it really so difficult or onerous to run the vacuum or clean the bathroom on a periodic basis?

May 1st, 2009
Last day of school: thirty-five days away.

Mood: excited!

In this past school year, I have had so many different changes. My school and teachers have changed. My thoughts have changed. My friends have changed. My taste in music has expanded. Iíve had my first MySpace, Face Book, Twitter, screen name; my first ďjukingĒ dance, kiss, make-out, boyfriend, exó he dumped meó then my second boyfriend, first love, first break-up óme ending it this time. Iíve exercised, been lazy, procrastinated, somehow always finishing my homework, gone to Driversí Ed, Range, and Traffic, and joined 100words.com.

And itís been a blast.

July 15th, 2007
canít pinpoint why
just this terrible
feeling of discontent
difficulty with sleep
troubles with drink
waking queasy with
terrible aching head
run the day
sweaty and dehydrated
clearing the mind
mostly forgetting problems
shrouded by exhaustion
focus this genius
each step away
another step toward
gaining again ground
lost to culture
craving the warmth
of old friendship
long held kinship
thrown among unwashed
uncleanly snarling masses
strewn restless unconnected
slovenly and superficial
wandering distraught friendless
searching feverish for
that nonexistent bond
kept silent wordless
of awkward glance
both elbows propped
atop the bar
disconsolate glare into
bottom of the