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September 1st, 2009
Low fidelity. Little faith, perhaps? A boyfriend with two girlfriends. A mother with two lovers. A child with 3 parents. Or no, no. Why must cheating (is it really?) be cheating? What if both parties are compliant, what if? Must it be polyamory, or could it be something else. What if we all loved everyone, in every sense of the term. Maybe not every. Maybe, perhaps, we loved everyone in different ways, but still, still loved everyone. I love everyone. I love everyone I've ever met. Not that I can claim to have met all that many different people. Love.

March 31st, 2004
Quit calling my house, you fat tub of lard! We don't want to talk to you- or should I say LISTEN to you. I can't believe we're related. I'm actually blood connected to this schizophrenic creep who hops public transportation in the middle of the night because he's paranoid that there are feds watching him. Good Lord, will SOMEONE take him away? Bring him to a facility, I don't know! I'm just tired of hearing about my obese, slimy, dawdling uncle who needs this and that. Rent. Clean clothes. Cashews. I'll tell you what he needs. Liposuction and padded walls.

December 2nd, 2001
Daniel's battling C.H.U.D.s and changing the weather for us all, or so he claims. I still say we did it by wishing it so. Andy's fighting his denial. I wish him well, but he could use some toothpicks for his eyelids. The bulimic is raising hell because the food she won't digest showed up without "crispy coat" on the fries. It's a funny, sad, sick world, but I have you. All of the bickering, ugliness, and in-fighting in the world can't displace the way you make me feel. Norbert, greedy for salt, runs off with a fry. All is well.