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October 8th, 2010

There are lots of interesting things that we have due to evolution. Like mitochondria. They were originally parasites who developed a symbiotic relationship with us. Let's not forget our opposable thumbs, which many of us now use for microscopic keyboards on cell phones and little else. But I'm still trying to crack the puzzle behind dandruff. It doesn't serve a purpose, yet those of us with hair are often stuck with it. Did our ancestors have to deal with it? Is that what chimps and apes go digging for on each other? Must Adam Lambert be stuck in my brain?

December 17th, 2009
One 2010 resolution--limit credit card use. Enough of this carrying a card at all times, buying paper towels at Walgreen's via Mastercard--no! Wait till payday! This will be my version of a credit counseling plan--without giving up the safety net.

I remember leaving the credit counseling office ten years ago, heading to the bank to close my safe deposit box, retrieving my rough draft of "Roll Call," typed on backs of old fliers and special ed laws. Ten years ago. Time again for discipline. Yet I don't regret some extravagances--Sox games shine amidst gray doing-laundry days.

June 30th, 2001
Another month gone, another 3000 beautiful words to sow that I cna't spell, and the hundred plus thousand dollars my sucker parents spent on my education for me to be a secratary were a total waste, but more important I think is to think of the people we have lost along the way, Roy, Tony, Elana, Jen, and the people joining: Kim and Ben. It has been an fun expeience, and a tough one to crank out a quantity especially with the horrible inappropriate crap Matt is playing while I'm trying to write this. Compleatly killing the mood, God Damm.