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April 20th, 2010

Farrah: Her red bathing suit set the standard. There were other poster queens: Cheryl Tiegs and her "I didnít know it was see-through" fishnet, and the platinum doll Loni. But Farrah ruled the roost, with that glorious smile and tousled golden tresses, allegedly spelling out the word she undoubtedly conjured in the minds of millions of young boys. She was beautiful, plump, and glistening Ė a melange of sex and beauty, tinged with a childlike sweetness and subtle grace. Forty years later, she still set the standard for grace and beauty, and when she died, I was doubly sad.

August 11th, 2009
Our hillbilly family from around the corner are in the habit of collecting animals and then neglecting them. We call this family The Ducks because of their idiosyncratic gait. Usually waddling along the side walk in single file, they look like parade floats on a windy day. Sometimes Carlos, their tabby cat drops by for dinner. He is friendly, polite and well mannered and gets along with our cat Badger. One day I may bring him into the house after a prolonged flea dip and a visit to the vets which is more than I can say for The Ducks.

February 14th, 2007
Having a gynecological problem seems to be a good way to get attention from your spouse. Especially if he is a doctor and is normally unaffected by your aches and pains. But this makes him slightly uneasy. If a doctor can get stirred; then its no wonder that most women milk the situation for all they are worth. When else can you lie in bed in mid morning? And not cook. Or reheat something with a martyred air with just the faintest of moans allowed to escape your lips. And get that little feedback. After 25 years thatís a feat.