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December 9th, 2009
If by mistake you step into the cage with a raging angry tiger, learn from it. This tiger comes in many forms, and there are opportunities constantly to open the gate, and walk right in. Anger begets anger, love begets love. Yeah, but we still open the gate and step in with the tiger sometimes. When that happens, don't stay in there long. Get out as soon as possible, and try to figure out what on earth you were thinking. If it was growling at you, don't growl back, step out of the cage, and listen to your own growl.

February 9th, 2008
The King died and then the Queen died of grief.
Died the King, and then died the Queen, of grief.
The King died; and then of grief died the Queen.
Died the Queen and then the King died of grief.
Of grief died the King, and then the Queen died.
Died the Queen, and then died of grief the King.
Died the Queen, of grief; and then the King died.
Of grief, the Queen died then--and died the King.
The King then died, and of grief died the Queen.
Then King died, and then the Queen died of grief.

June 4th, 2007
Fine. Every day when I give him a cigarette, or a dollar (or, gosh, both!), I kind of semi-consciously hope some (great-looking, stylish, falafel-loving) stranger is watching and thinking, “Wow. What a kind girl. I bet that girl is a great person.” And off I walk down Washington with tiny Hermes wings of benevolence and all-around human decency fluttering at my ankles. Hey, world, who cares if I compulsively shoplift, lie to close friends without reason, and hide my steadily-increasing smoking habit from my parents! Here I am sharing my shit with the homeless guy who sits outside my work!