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Featured Entries
September 30th, 2012

Yet another damp-assed morning, perfect for mums, mold and ducks.
It’s dreary out, and our perpetually reclusive neighbors are IN. One can almost imagine the aroma of fresh brewed java streaming into each parlor amid the din of a blaring television.

Up yonder at an actual family farm – rare in these times – cows of many interesting color combinations troll a hillside for those late stiff-bristle greens. No need to rummage in the barn just yet. Black Angus. A Holstein mix, and some tan ones that probably have a name but maybe not; perhaps bovines can just as easily be ‘mutts’.

June 7th, 2010
I am the rain godess. I do look down upon the earth, and cry and cry and cry. I dance in the storms, and let the rain pour down my shivering back. I throw my head back, eyes open wide, rain pouring down my cheeks like tears, into my eyes, into my desparate and dripping mouth. Cold at first, but after so long nothing is cold. The infinate grey skies, lightning sooths me, thunder sings to me. My heart is lifted. I lat there, on the sodden grass and let the rain wash away my worries and my broken hearts.

April 10th, 2006

08:45 In office early in case report spent all
           weekend on didn't format properly.

08:51 Discover report hasn't formatted

08:54 Stop crying.

09:13 Explain to boss why I'm still working
            on report.

10:22 Finish report. Again.

10:23 Print.

10:26 Devise intricate method of torturing
            Bill Gates for his two bit software that
            reformats documents for printing
            without asking.

10:31 Stop crying. Again.

10:42 Abandon all hope of finishing report.

13:02 Doodle on arm with red biro. Wonder
            how many pens needed to cover all of
            self in red ink.

15:41 Make banana and Emmental cheese

15:58 Feel unwell.