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January 7th, 2011
I May be going mental.

Of Course, I have no actual proof of it. But I am sure that's what's going on.

My friend and I were looking through the lyrics of hit mainstream songs yesterday. None of us are particular fans of mainstream (Autotune and the same word being used over and over? What?) but we were both surprised when we realized: All these songs that pop-lovers and hyper teens get excited about? They're all about Sex and drugs.

How are these topics allowing people to make millions?

May 26th, 2005


Pastel Purple is sunning himself beneath the lamp on my side table. Like a puppy left free to run the house, he was delirious this morning, dispersing shoes evenly throughout the house, tipping the trash and proudly dragging out smelly table scraps, and leaving muddy prints on the tan carpet. He's resting now. His smudges are on the telephone receiver, my computer, and the table itself. Sighing, he rolls over onto his back letting the lamp warm his belly. I've got to round that boy up and pull another Pastel soon. I will watch the next one more closely.

February 15th, 2007
I love it when it happens. When the wild girl you see dancing on stage ends up with the quietest and shyest boy in the evening, the kind of old school irony that leaves a fuzzy warmth in your heart. When a familiar 80s’ song plays over the jukebox, and you start humming the tune, only to find that the people sitting beside you are mouthing the lyrics and bobbing their heads to the beat too and they notice you noticing them. So when the chorus starts, all of you jump onto the bartop and belt out melodramatically, “Till now…”