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September 30th, 2012

Yet another damp-assed morning, perfect for mums, mold and ducks.
It’s dreary out, and our perpetually reclusive neighbors are IN. One can almost imagine the aroma of fresh brewed java streaming into each parlor amid the din of a blaring television.

Up yonder at an actual family farm – rare in these times – cows of many interesting color combinations troll a hillside for those late stiff-bristle greens. No need to rummage in the barn just yet. Black Angus. A Holstein mix, and some tan ones that probably have a name but maybe not; perhaps bovines can just as easily be ‘mutts’.

July 3rd, 2012
Ok, I asked the question...does Magic Mike come in 3D? It wasn't funny to some. My religious friends found me to be more than offensive. I later read a rebuke about women going to see this male stripper movie and how it would ruin their marriages. I struggle. Oh God I struggle. I am loved beyond reason by God. He knows my quirks, He knows that my sense of humor is a little off-color but alive. It is not dead to religion. I am so weary of making- the- rules-Christians getting in my way of living free.

February 15th, 2007
I love it when it happens. When the wild girl you see dancing on stage ends up with the quietest and shyest boy in the evening, the kind of old school irony that leaves a fuzzy warmth in your heart. When a familiar 80s’ song plays over the jukebox, and you start humming the tune, only to find that the people sitting beside you are mouthing the lyrics and bobbing their heads to the beat too and they notice you noticing them. So when the chorus starts, all of you jump onto the bartop and belt out melodramatically, “Till now…”