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September 1st, 2012
He was sitting out the front of a Parisian cafe. There was a small band opposite. Drums, violins, accordian and vocals.

The music was gentle and infused with a dance. A hop on that beat, a twirl there and...yes, a skip and clap when the voilin did that sharp trill. The vocals were in French. He couldn't understand a word, but it seemed happy. Like the song one would play when two very shy people finaly got married. They would dance to this music quietly, glancing nervously at each other.

He sipped his green tea and contined to listen.

April 27th, 2008
Canít remember the last time it was this hot because, you know, it has been very hot for several weeks in a row now, and I burned my hand hands on the steering wheel trying to turn into the driveway of my girl friendís house, so I gave up, and decided to park outside in the shade, but even in the shade the back of my neck was covered in a thick film of sweat, along with my back, and the sweat soaked through my blouse and Bermuda shorts, and even my tiny, black toe hairs were covered in sweat.

August 21st, 2007
these clothes are no longer dirty they should have been put away
The ottoman cover,however, is quite dirty and should be washed
I will allow my sleeping dog to lie because when he is awake he will terrorize my house
Oh, so that is what they mean
And so I will let all the sleeping dogs lie, and I will began my life in peace. Undisturbed like a stream gentle and deep
Theses are the dreams and we are the dreamers yada yada
Pretty lies and ugly truths
This laundry is clean but it will not be forever